How do I order?

  • Flavors at 12 Paws are rotated on a weekly basis. That means that most flavors are only available once. Once it is sold out, it's gone -- unless I bring it back at a future date! It's not possible for me to keep stock of any given flavor, as this is a very small operation. At the beginning of each week (usually Sunday), I'll post new flavors to my Instagram story. I'll typically "drop" this ice cream on Friday at Noon. That means I will restock the store at exactly that time. Because this ice cream is small batch and made by one person, it is limited in quantity. Therefore, I recommend you set an alarm if you'd really like to try a particular flavor!
  • All ice cream is sold directly through my store-- NOT via email.

No really, how do I get a pint?

  • Sign up for my mailing list! There is a sign-up box on the bottom of the main page of my website. I email the mailing list when I drop pints or have important updates.
  • Sign up for post notifications and story notifications on my Instagram.
  • Set an alarm! Seriously, set an alarm. Maybe even set a second alarm for when you get distracted and forget why you've set the first alarm, too.
  • Have your payment info ready and browse the week's pickup and delivery options BEFORE purchasing.
  • If you're checking out with PayPal, log in before the drop
  • Positive affirmations
  • Magic circles

Your pickups don't work for me, what should I do?

If you are unable to make any of the pick-ups, I may be able to set up a special arrangement for you-- but this is considered delivery. You may be asked to pay a delivery fee. Please remember that this is a part-time operation for me, and I am one person! It's necessary for me to charge for deliveries and special arrangements in order to keep things sustainable for me.

Do you deliver? Ship?

  • We're putting delivery on pause while we work on expanding our business. Right now, we need to focus on making you more ice cream!
  • We can't ship ice cream, but if you'd like to have merch shipped you can let us know via email or through our Contact Us form. 

I forgot to come to pick up! What now?

24-hour notice is required to reschedule a pickup. Failure to pick up your pint(s) at your scheduled pick-up will result in a forfeited pint without a refund, barring an emergency situation. 12 Paws patrons are highly encouraged to set reminders to avoid missing a pickup. Pickup details are sent automatically, in a separate email from order confirmation. We ask for such advance notice of reschedules in order to: proactively coordinate ice cream transportation, avoid product degradation, and free up our extremely limited freezer space. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I place a custom order?

Send us a message through our contact form. We don't always have capacity for custom orders, but will attempt to accommodate what is possible. 

Do you make dairy free/gluten-free ice cream?

I try to make at least one non-dairy and gluten-free flavor per month. While some recipes are incidentally gluten-free or dairy free, you will be able to submit a custom order to see your favorite flavor combinations made to suit your dietary needs when custom orders are available.


Is your kitchen allergen free?

Sorry-- it is not! I work in a very small space and cross contamination is a possibility. I will usually only use the term "dairy-free" as it is not possible for me to guarantee that any other products are free of allergens (e.g. gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free). Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about ingredients or my process.


What does "12 Paws" mean?

I named 12 Paws after my dog Pickles and kittens Olive and Pimento! Check out their bios on the About Us page. Don't worry, they're not helping me make the ice cream.


Is this ice cream for dogs?

No. It is ice cream for humans. Find us at a market and we might have some pup cups! 


When will you bring back my favorite flavor?

It takes a long time for me to make a flavor and make it well. This means that I can't bring flavors back as frequently as you might find in a fully staffed scoop shop. If you'd love to see a flavor return, let me know and I'll keep it in mind for future releases! 


Do you make this ice cream at your house?

No! It's actually illegal in the state of North Carolina (and most states) to produce ice cream and/or frozen desserts from home. I produce ice cream in a certified and inspected commerical kitchen and possess the proper license for retail frozen desserts with the Department of Agriculture.